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Ari Amunah

Ari Amunah is a rapper, singer and songwriter from Denton Texas. A young powerful artist gaining a reputation for setting fire to tracks both melodically and lyrically. She is best known for her captivating verse on “Me and the Most High” and her memorable appearance on the hit single “Strange Fruit”. 

She began rapping at an early age, freestyling at high school football games and participating in local city talent shows. Although gaining notoriety in her city from making music in her city from recording only a few songs, AriAmunah didn't drop her first album until gaining knowledge of her true heritage with a new understanding and a renewed mind, her music was affected in a spiritual way.

In 2018 Ari Amunah released her first album (Completion) debuting her spiritual change while also displaying a zeal to uplift her people through the words of the Most High God AHAYAH.

Being a woman in these times of feminism and independence, Ari Amunah strives to show the power in being a submissive woman to a people who has been made to believe a submissive woman is weak. With soulful and spiritual music, Ari Amunah reminds us of the weeping women of Zion, while also displaying an extremely zealous passion for her nation in a feminie way like Jael of the bible, (whom you can read about in Judges 4:17-22).

As a performer, Ari Amunah brings energy and excitement to the stage, but also brings forth a spiritual lesson that sends the audience home satisfied as well as edified.

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